The name is Heather. 

Name: Heather
Siblings: 1 sister and 2 brothers
Favorite pet to own: cats (unfortunately, my husband hates cats, so I have a dog
Hair and eye color: multi brunette/black and blue eyes
Piercings: 5 in my right ear & 3 in my left ear // tried my nose twice
Tattoos: 1 on my ankle, 1 on my arm, and 1 large (or 3 separate) on my back
Lucky number: 13 >=)
Favorite country or city: the coast
Favorite Movies: The Craft, Clueless, Mean Girls, Jawbreaker, Skeleton Key, etc. and of course all of the Fast And Furious movies!
Favorite food: Mexican and of course chicken
Favorite day of the week: any day i can play on the computer
Favorite tv series: Charmed, 90210, Sons of Anarchy, Bad Girls Club, daytime soaps (Bold and Beautiful and As The World Turns)
Favorite flower: the heather of course lol .. roses
Favorite sport: none
Favorite drink: um ... iced coffee
When I'm bored, I... work on my site, walk, play a gamesystem, or watch tv
Best part in my life at the moment: my family and my job (I get summers/vacations with my son)
Vanilla or Chocolate? chocolate
Favorite color: black
Summer or Winter? both i guess
My job: Afterschool Groupleader
Favorite day in the whole year? Halloween :D
Are you shy? yes