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  • Requests for glitters (and other graphix) are currently open.
    If you find something in my graphics that needs credit, please let me know so that I can give proper credit!
    For those of you that still come to check out my page, thank you so much! It's been a REALLY long time since I was last on here! I have an idea of some new graphics that I would like to make, but before I say what they are, I need to figure how to make them. Hopefully I will be able to learn this quickly! I also noticed that I have some updating to do to my button exchange wall, I will attempt to find some time to get that fixed too!
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    If you have a minute, I would like to you like my page on FaceBook, thanks.
    Got the PSP program again and will be working on some Valentine's Day images along with some frames
    Will get the zipped file up soon
    Having to start over using PhotoShop until I can get another PaintShop Pro, so these are a couple that I did after learning =)
    12.14.12 Thoughts and prayers to the families in Connecticut. Absolutely heartbreaking..... Praying for all the children's lives lost and all victims and families, I can't even believe that this is real.

    Finally got another computer but it's used so it's slow. Still in the process of reinstalling all my programs but hoping that it will not be too slow to make some new things!
    Changed my banner some and was going to make a few new graphics but my little one is wanting my attention, so I shall try again tomorrow!
    Trying to figure out what happened to my links. :-(
    Merging some pages together! Got some new ones put up on the comments page.
    added a new glitter
    added a new glitter
    Yay! Got a different banner up finally, not one of my best but oh well *hehe* .. Trying to find some brushes to use in the stuff I make since I lost all of them when I had to redo my computer. Will attempt to get some Easter glitters up here over the next couple of weeks before Easter.